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Are you looking to advance your career but need financial support to access courses and training programmes? Look no further! Our Funding & Grants Programme is here to assist employed individuals, like you, in reaching your professional goals.

About the Programme

Our programme offers grants and funding opportunities for economically active individuals, aged 16 and above, who are residing in Shropshire. Whether you are aiming to advance in your current profession or explore a new career path, we are here to support you! Through personalised Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG), we ensure you choose the right course or training programme to propel your career forward.


Our mission is to break down financial barriers and provide accessible learning opportunities, empowering individuals to thrive professionally and contribute to the vibrant community of Shropshire.


Join us today and take the first step towards realising your career aspirations. 

Our Courses

Popular and High Demand Courses

First Aid​

Our First Aid course is designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge needed to respond effectively to medical emergencies. Through interactive learning modules and hands-on training, participants will learn how to assess emergency situations, administer CPR, control bleeding, manage wounds, and provide care for various injuries and illnesses. With a focus on practical scenarios and real-world applications, this course empowers individuals to confidently handle critical situations and potentially save lives.

Fire Safety

Safety is paramount, especially when it comes to fire prevention and emergency response. Our Fire Safety course offers comprehensive training on fire prevention techniques, emergency evacuation procedures, and fire extinguisher usage. Participants will learn how to identify fire hazards, implement fire safety measures, and respond effectively in the event of a fire emergency. Through interactive simulations and practical demonstrations, participants will gain hands-on experience in fire safety practices and develop the confidence to handle fire-related incidents with composure and competence.

Cyber Security

With the increasing prevalence of cyber threats in today’s digital landscape, our Cyber Security course provides essential training to safeguard against potential risks and vulnerabilities. Participants will learn about common cyber threats, such as malware, phishing, and ransomware, and explore strategies for preventing, detecting and responding to cyber attacks. Topics covered include network security, encryption, authentication, risk management and incident response. Through simulations and practical exercises, participants will develop the skills and expertise needed to protect networks, systems and data from cyber threats and ensure the security of digital assets.


Take control of your financial future with our engaging Finance course. Designed for individuals seeking to enhance their financial literacy and make informed decisions about money management, this course covers a wide range of topics related to personal finance and investment. Participants will learn about budgeting, saving, debt management, retirement planning and investment strategies, gaining practical skills for achieving financial goals and building wealth over time. Whether you are a beginner looking to establish a strong financial foundation or an experienced investor seeking to refine your investment portfolio, this course provides valuable insights and practical guidance for navigating the complex world of finance.

Artificial Intelligence

Delve into the fascinating realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with our comprehensive course. Designed for both beginners and those with a background in technology, this course covers a wide range of AI concepts and applications. Participants will explore fundamental principles such as machine learning, neural networks, deep learning and natural language processing, which will enable them to gain insights into how these technologies are transforming industries and reshaping our world. Through hands-on projects and case studies, participants will develop practical AI skills and understand how to leverage AI tools to solve complex problems and drive innovation.

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